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 Non Christian Religious Experiences

Please check if you have participated in any of the following:

Occult Involvement

The practice of inserting needles into certain points on the body to influence the flow of Qi (chee)--the energy or life force of the mind, body and universe. Believed to balance the yin and yang energies.

A small ornament commonly worn around the neck to guard a person from misfortune, disease, witchcraft, evil magic, demons, etc. A common practice is to have a charm written on or spoken over the amulet.

Astral or soul travel
Commonly called out-of body experience in which the soul separates from the physical body to travel to various parts of the universe. Used in ritual magic to carry out the task of delivering messages or of gaining information.

The practice of gaining hidden knowledge about the future by observing the relationship of one’s time of birth to the position of the planets and the twelve Zodiac constellations.

Automatic writing
Writing that is inspired by a controlling spirit while a person is in a trance state and is without conscious control of the body.

Biofeedback/mind control
A means for gaining control of one’s brain waves and body processes such as heart rate and respiration to induce altered states of consciousness. This type of mind control is used to move and control the Qi or the energy and life force within the body to improve health, longevity, psychic powers and spiritual development.

Black and white magic
Preferred spelling by the occult is magick to distinguish from illusion and performance magic. Magick is the occult "art" of influencing the physical world or another person’s mind to have one’s own desire and will realized.

The use of white magick is said to bring about changes for the good and is considered helpful and positive. It is also used to combat evil.

The use of black magick is considered destructive and negative resulting in evil or bad consequences.
Both ritually use amulets, talismans, potions, invocations to gods, and mystic sacraments. Note: In white magick invocations are addressed to God the Father, God the Son, and the Holly Spirit.

Death Magic
The act of placing a death spell upon another. One procedure is considering the person as already dead thus forcing the soul to depart from the body as it is called by the spirits of death to enter into their domain.

Hate Magic
The act of placing a spell on a hated victim. One procedure is to write the hated enemy’s name on a parchment paper with blood and then burn it over the flame of a black candle to bring great sorrow and even death to the hated person.

Persecution Magic

Disease Magic

Healing Magic
A holistic health technique used to restore a person’s health by the balancing of healing energy through touch or hand movements over the person. Spirit guides are often used to aid the healing process.

Blood pacts
The sealing of a covenant agreement between one person and another person or group or demonic spirit by cutting themselves and co-mingling their blood and then drinking or signing a document. The blood seals the agreement.

A charm can be defined as an amulet or talisman worn for its magical power. It is also the chanting or recitation of a verse or formula to conjure spirits to activate magical powers. Note: Religious verses are often used.

Is also called second sight. The ability to "see" mentally beyond time and space without the use of the five senses. Psychic information such as historical or future events and other phenomena are attained.

Color therapy
Color as energy is used to improve and balance one’s health and emotional state with different colors governing different aspects of the soul, mind and body. Different colors have different affects. For example, Violet energy is said to enhance spiritual power and creativity. The color and shape of one’s aura, the forcefield surrounding the body, make diagnosis possible.

Crystal ball gazing
A form of divination or fortune telling by gazing into a crystal ball or a crystal rock.

Also called crystallomancy.

Curses or spells
A curse is the invocation of an oath, formula or charm with the intention of causing evil misfortune to another person or property.

A spell is a ritual performed with incantations, herbs, candles, knives and other witchcraft paraphernalia to affect the future of another person.

Conversations with spirits or spirit guides

Demonic tongues
The counterfeit gift of speaking in tongues that is under the control of

Demonic spirits.

Divining Rods/Dowsing
The divining rod is a V shaped or forked rod, wire or branch used for dowsing. Dowsing is a form of divination (the attempt to gain hidden knowledge supernaturally) used to locate people, objects or underground substances (water).

Dungeons and Dragons
An occult fantasy role-playing game in which players seek to build up personal power using all kinds of satanic, evil, or witchcraft practices including demonology, spells, murder, sexual perversion, and cannibalism.

Extra Sensory Perception
The knowledge of an experience, an influence, an event, or an object apart from the five senses. With this knowledge a person can predict the future, identify hidden things and perform supernatural feats of knowledge.

Fantasy role-playing games
Role-playing games in which players acquire the identity of mythical characters and engage in fantasy adventures. Most of these games are occult in nature.

An amulet or talisman that is magically charmed with symbols, charm formulas or inscriptions. It is said to bring about occult transference of power.

The ancient occult ritual of walking barefoot through fire or hot coals without experiencing pain or burns by entering a trance state. It is said to demonstrate one’s psychic power over one’s body.

Halloween participation
All Hallow’s Eve—October 31. A pagan/occult religious high or holy day that celebrates the transition from fall to winter. On this day the spirits of departed relatives return. Satan and his witches have the greatest power on this day, as all portals from Hades to the heavens are open. This day had its origin in ancient Druid rituals honoring their god Samhain lord of the dead.

Hypnosis or Mesmerism
Hypnosis is a technique to induce a trance or altered state of consciousness by verbal or non-verbal stimuli. In this state a person is open to external suggestion.

Mesmerism was named after F. A. Mesmer. It is a hypnotic state termed "magnetic sleep" that is induced by "magnetic fluid" energy which comes from the practitioner’s hands, voice or nervous system.

Iridology or Iris Diagnosis
A holistic health technique used to diagnose physical ailments and emotional or mental problems by reading the color patterns of the eye’s irises.

Sexual intercourse between closely related relatives.

Levitation-float in air
The occult practice of raising or moving an object or person by supernatural or psychic means.

Magic card game
Fantasy role playing card games that involve Satanism, witchcraft and the occult. A popular magic card game is The Gathering.

Magic eight ball
A liquid filled black ball containing the printed words yes, no, and maybe on a die. Spirits provide guidance and insight to the person who asks questions directed at the eight ball.

The ability to summon the dead into a visible form so that they can be seen. This is usually performed by a medium at a séance.

Necromancy is the practice of summoning the spirits of the dead to discover secrets from the past, to gain information about the future or to secure news of deceased loved ones.

A seance is the session that is conducted by a medium through which the spirit speaks to others in the room.

A prophetic sign about some future event that has been received either through divination or spontaneously.

Ouija board
The occult board with letters and numbers and a pointer that spells out messages from spirits during a séance. It is a form of necromancy.

Palm Reading-Chiromancy
The occult practice of divination by reading the location, length and shape of the lines and markings on the palm of the hand.

The psychic ability to identify characteristics, events or future events of another person by holding that person’s material possession such as a ring, watch or article of clothing.

Rod and Pendulum
The rod and pendulum are tools used for dowsing. The pendulum is becoming a popular source to diagnose disease, to determine the sex of an unborn child, and for physical and spiritual healing.

The act of destroying one’s own body tissue by carving, scratching, cutting, burning, excessive tattooing or excessive body piercing. It is a way of dealing with overwhelming emotions, obsessive thought or dissociation. In SRA DID it is a way of cleansing the body of evil.

Speaking in trance/channeling
A person in an altered state of consciousness and under the control of a spirit speaks forth messages given from a spirit being. Also known as mediumistic trance.

Spiritism, visions or dreams
In many primitive cultures the belief that either good or evil spirits possess inanimate objects and must be appeased. The term spirtism associated with Allan Kardec focuses on the communication with spirits through visions and dreams, the worship of spirits namely those of the departed dead and on reincarnation.

Sympathetic Magic
The control by magic of a person, animal, object or event based upon two basic principles: 1. "The Law of Similarity" states "like produces like" or that an effect may resemble a cause. In other words things which resemble each other have a magical relationship (voodoo). 2. "The Law of Contact" states that things that have been in contact with each other will continue to act upon each other even at a distance or with the passing of time. In other words whatever happens to an object (hair, nails, clothing) that has been in contact with a person will happen to that person as well

Table lifting
The lifting or movement of a seance table in response to communication with spirits of the dead. Participants usually place their hands palm down with fingers spread and connecting to form an unbroken circle to elicit a response.

Tarot cards-Cartomancy
Fortune telling or divination using Tarot cards, a deck of twenty-two illustrated cards or Minor Arcana cards, a deck of fifty-two cards which hold the secrets to the future.

Tea leaf reading
The practice of divination by reading the patterns of tealeaves found in the bottom of a cup. Also called tasseography.

A form of psychokinesis, the psychic ability to move objects without the use of known physical force.

Communication mind to mind without the natural senses.

The practice of marking the skin with indelible patterns by making punctures in the skin and injecting pigment.

Transference of Sprits through laying on of hands
Demonic spirits are transferred from one person to another by "praying" over and placing one’s hands upon another. Note: demonic tongues may be used.

Cult practices

Black Muslim
Children of God
Christian Science
Disciples of Christ in God
Eastern Star
Father Divine
Hare Krishna
Jehovah Witness
Job’s daughters
Roy Masters
Science of the Mind
Sensitivity Training
Silva Mind Control
Spiritist Church or Lodge
Theosophical Society
Witness Lee
Zen Buddhism

Spiritual Abuse

Have you been in churches that have control oriented leadership or claim a spiritual elitism?
Have you been a part of a church that manipulated its members through guilt, fear, shame or intimidation?
Have you experienced legalism in the church?
Have you been a part of a church that suppressed any type of disagreement?
Have you had any unusual or false experiences or gifts in the church?
Have you been forced to accept a false prophecy, or a word of wisdom or knowledge?

Unconfessed sins

Abnormal sexual encounter
Illegitimate Sex
Anorexia or Bulimia

Physical experiences

Smells unnatural odors
Hears unusual sounds
Seen a demon’s outline
Experiences things moving in the room
Hears voices talking to you
Seen streaks of light
Felt presence of evil
Seen a large dark image
Experiences periods of catatonic or blank staring
Seen objects move
Seen glowing eyes
Supernatural knowledge


Non Christian Religious Experiences
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